Enchanted Lake
Oahu, Hawaii

Enchanted Lake is a man-made body of water that was created, in part, to control the storm runoff through the then-swamp lands of this area as it was being developed.  In the photo below you can see it toward the left.  The brackish water slowly makes its way to Kailua Beach off in the distant horizon.  As you look toward the right, you will see in the background the shorter mountain overlooking Lanikai, then Keolu Hills separating Enchanted Lake from Bellows Air Force Base.  Far off to the right is the beginning of the Koolau Range near Waimanalo.  This panoramic view was taken from Kalanianaole Highway above the lake.

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A portion of Enchanted Lake has been turned into a protected wetland area.  You'll be able to see a few birds within this location, but more (especially ducks) can be viewed closeup nearer the condo units on the west side of the lake.  The wetland is maintained by its private owners and more information can be found at www.kaelepuluwetland.com.